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Welcome to GodfatherTalks.com!

Let's point you in the right direction, now that you're here! We have a lot of things to make your gameplay a lot easier for The Godfather: Five Families. However, we also have all the tools for the more advanced players among us, to get the utmost out of your inventory. So make sure to have a look around.

Beginners Info Beginners Info
You can find a lot of start-up info through out all our pages, such as Hoods set up, Armory information, Bail waves explanation, Sac Chart, and more..
Everything is explained into detail and it's crucial to read through it all to get your game off to a good start. Find out how to build your hoods, what buildings to build and how many, how to get armory items and how to attack players without losing any valuable troops. Have a read through it all and get a basic know-how of The Godfather: Five Families.

Features Useful Features
To make sure you get the best items for your hard-earned diamonds, make sure to have a look through the Whats on Sale What's on Sale page, which shows upcoming sales two days prior the sale date. Are you looking for a specific item, but don't know in what box it is? Browse through the Store Store and find out now! Discuss with other players on the Forum Forum about PvP, retooling or other useful information that couldn't be found in the pages. With a wide variety of players of all servers, there is always one who knows the answer. And if you're just looking for the RockYou Ticket RockYou Ticket Link, here it is.

Locators Coord Locators
There are also a few handy locators out there for you. With the TCF Coords Finder you can find all the hoods and cityspaces of your enemies, and from all his crew buddies! But if you're just looking for a Murder Inc (Mi 1, 2, 3, or 4) nearby, you can use the MI Locator Murder Inc Locator, which will show you exactly how nearby they all are! And if you're still building new hoods or relocating, you use the Slum Nearest Slum Locator.

Calculators Calculators
We also have a ton of Calculators for you, that do all the hard math for you. Ranging from respect, power, jail size or meat ratio, we've got it all!
The calculators we currently got are: Calculators Advisor Calculator, the CalculatorsAlbern Roadstor Calculator, a CalculatorsPvP Calc (Will you win the battle?),
CalculatorsTraining and CalculatorsSaccing Calcs, and the very very useful CalculatorsJail & Bail Calculator!

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